Saturday, 1 October 2011

Making A Seasonal Collage...{Saturday Artist} ...

We made our Autumn collage this week.
We make a collage every season, and I have really begun to look forward to this little family art collaboration. We usually find our collage material and inspiration in old gardening and National Trust magazines that we have collected and stashed over the months.

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This week the weather was so wonderfully warm. We took the project outside under the dappled light of the Sycamore...

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We had spent some time finding pictures and words and cutting or tearing them out. Now came the fun part, figuring out the composition.

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Matilda delighted in painting some of the Sycamore leaves and printing them along the edges of the collage.... and sometimes right in the middle :)

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We ended up with a little piece of Autumn beauty pasted upon our kitchen door!

collage autumn

Picture poetry...

autumn collage fragment

...and from last year...

Every season we make a new seasonal collage to hang on our kitchen door. It is a beautiful and simple way to bring the whole family together creatively, which also helps the children grow in understanding of the natural rhythms of the year.

A small detail of our autumn collage...

Seasonal fruit and vegetables, birds and landscapes are a great way to bring the beauty and unique nature of the season alive for kids.

You could also include a snippet of seasonal poetry. We included a little of John Keat's "Ode to Autumn"

Fina's favourite part is cutting pretty little Mosaic pieces for all the in-between parts!

Working together.

And the finished collage!


  1. I love it! Guess what we will be doing on Monday?Thanks Suzy for a fantastic idea. This is why I love blogging so much, my life is enriched by so many others. I do hope you and your beautiful family have a great day. xx

  2. These pictures are gorgeous Suzy, the lighting, the joy in their creating and of course the project itself is wonderful. Picture poetry--perfectly put!

  3. i love this suzy. such a great idea.

  4. So inspiring, Suzy! We will have to try it. For us it will be a spring collage!


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