Saturday, 30 July 2011

Elsa Beskow Books, quotes, illustrations and inspirations

Elsa Beskow

 "With a great deal of planning and bother, you can take the children to the zoo and show them the wolves and the bears. Once there they become enthralled by a tiny stone at the side of the road or can talk of nothing but the ladybug creeping along the bars of the wolves’ cage. You might just have stayed home in the garden – there are both stones and ladybugs there,"


Elsa Beskow wrote and illustrated her magical stories while bringing up her 6 children at home. Many of the stories she wrote were inspired by them and many were written for them.
Tragically, just before his 8th birthday Elsa's son Dag was tragically killed in an accident.
Elsa never fully recovered from the loss, however the wondrous fairy-tales that she had spun from the golden threads of happy memories with her children provided comfort.

We just love Elsa Beskow. 
Her enchanting books have been a part of our children's memories. 
Here are our favorites:
A gentle story for younger girls and boys. Matilda's favourite :)
Boo's favourite! Lot's of enchanting characters and a magical twist at the end of the tale.
A magical tale of a forest family through the seasons.
My favourite! A beautiful tale that has hidden layers. " By the feather on my green hat!"

Maybe Elsa Beskows most popular tale. The story of the making of a new suit with the help of one boys little lamb and lots of friends.

 Here is a link to our own Elsa Beskow activity inspired by:


  1. The illustrations are truly enchanting! Wonderful.

  2. Enchanting indeed...much like your blog. I've always loved illustrations in childrens' books. Have you ever heard of the book Drawn to Enchant by Timothy G. Young. It is an anthology ofr original children's book art in the Betsy Beinecke Shirley collection. It's wonderful.

  3. Her illustrations are amazing, they make me think of another time, in another place. :)

  4. these illustrations are so gorgeous.

  5. Wow Suzie, such wonderful books, thank you so much, I'm going to order them for my 3 boys! Flo


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