Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Yarn Along...

Joining lovely Ginny from "Small Things" today for another little "Yarn Along".


For some reason I wasn't paying attention and ended up knitting an extra row (yes just one itty bitty extra row;) which equated to two little left legs instead of the conventionally required one left one right :)
So instead of one little pair of cosy woolen pantaloons there will now be two, the second of which is but a garter stitched border from completion!

Every cloud has a silver lining and this one means that I will have used up every last scrap of this lovely chocolate coloured yarn by the time I'm finished. No leftovers here!


I am particularly pleased with how the rainbow yarn has taken to the chocolate. I like unusual colour combinations and this one although mismatched (hopefully in the best possible taste ;) tickles me.


For reading... Well my eldest daughter Emmy just celebrated her 13th birthday! She received this very beautiful book "Enid Blytons Nature Lovers Book" from a dear friend.
As you have probably gathered by now, I am always hopelessly attracted by beautiful illustrations and this book is well, brimming with them!
The drawings and watercolours are lush and exquisite. Page by page the story of creature, creation, habitat and season unfolds in the most gentle and engaging way.
Certainly a highly recommended read for any budding naturalists out there!




  1. Suzy those pants are darling and that deep brown, gorgeous. I agree it is wonderful to be able to use up all of the yarn! I wish I could do that more often! Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

  2. That book would be perfect for my nature boys...and, let's face it, me! Thanks for the great suggestion.

  3. The pants are beautiful! I love the practicality of dark brown with the whimsy of a colorful border.

  4. I love the chocolate yarn! Beautiful! That book looks wonderful! I also have a thirteen year old, and she loves wonderful illustrations too!

  5. i love the color combination! makes me wish i was a bit more daring in my color choices. and that book looks beautiful - i bet my nature loving kids would love it.

    just discovered your blog (via ginny's yarn along) and i love it!

  6. Those pants are darling! Lovely illustrations are my weakness as well. :)

  7. What sweet little pants :) And what a great book, I think my daughter would love it :)

  8. Those pants are great! I love the mismatched rainbow colors too...

  9. What sweet trousers! And the book is so lovely I had to put it on my Amazon Wish List...

  10. Your new little one is going to have some sweet duds when he/she arrives!

    That book is so beautiful! Happy belated birthday to Emmy!

  11. Gorgeous, both! And what a lovely match for each other. :)

  12. ¡Qué pantalones más hermosos!

    Saludos desde Chile.


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