Saturday, 12 February 2011

Thankful for Tilly Bear Birthdays!

Matilda turned five on Saturday!
This baby bear brings so much delight to us all.
She is silly, sweet, funny, a princess, a clown, a dreamer, a wriggly, squiggly mess maker, and lover of all things pink and sparkly!
She is obsessed with princesses! Especially Rapunzel.
Since watching "Tangled" she can often be found singing to her "magical" hair.
If she hurts herself she will sing to her "magical" hair before submitting to any conventional treatment.
She says "Pass the Castle" instead of "Pass the Parcel".
She says "Tumtimes" instead of "Sometimes"
She says "beefool" instead of "Beautiful"
She calls Florence the cat "Frolumps"
Yet she says "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" better than any of us!
She wanted, more than anything else in the whole wide world, a pink sparkly bike with tassels for her birthday present.... Really, tell me, how could we refuse?

So I pause here to notice the moments of sunlight that sparkle like golden thread throught the ordinary days... Knitting moments together into beauty.
And I count stitches...
Stitches of Thank- Full-ness...
A yarn that spins straw into gold.

* Evening Knitting
* Soft Yarn
* Small beautiful corners of my life tucked away safe inside my heart
* A happy pile of new Picture books from the library to read
* A little girl learning to ride her new pink bike at the park with Daddy!
* The way sunlight glints upon the water's surface
* Little girl squeals of delight
* Boo's marionette shows
* "Do you like my new Bike helmet?" for the hundredth time in a row
* Silly sing-a-longs on the piano
* Writing a story for my girls
* Anticipation of a new baby that flutters in my heart
* Fun filled days that cause little girlies to fall soundlessly to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow :)
* A beautiful birthday cake made for a little sister by her biggest sister!



  1. I came over from Ann’s today. I know it’s two days after the fact. But there are so many grateful lists to read – all of them so good. And yours is too. It was a blessing.

    First – a sparkly bike with tassels – you are right – how could you refuse :)

    My favorite from your thankful list is this one: * Writing a story for my girls (so special – and personal – what a gift – a piece of you – they’ll treasure it now – even moreseo when they read it to their own – God smiles)

    God Bless and Keep you and your family

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous birthday cake :)

  3. the cake is magical!!!


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