Monday, 21 February 2011

" The Flowers more Fragrant"

How true it is that,
if we are cheerful and contented,
sunlight after rain
all nature smiles,
the air seems more balmy,

the sky clearer,
the earth has a brighter green...

Boo in a faraway  sorta place
the flowers are more fragrant...
and the sun, moon, and stars
all appear more beautiful,
and seem to rejoice with us.
quote by - Orison Swett Marden
  • Random splashes of colour.
  • Crisper, brighter mornings. The promise of Spring on the lips of the dawn.
  • Memories that linger in photographic pigments
  • Little girl stories
  • Little girl drawings
  • Still wearing those birthday crowns...
  • Paint boxes
  • "Fairys" dancin' in my living room


  1. Suzy, I love this. I COMPLETELY agree. And everything sings to you, too, don't you think?

    Thanks so much for this, and for stopping by my words—it's truly lovely to 'meet' you!

    p.s. Just two weeks ago, I shared the beautiful Road Less Traveled with my writers workshop kids. It's one of my favourite poems—I literally got goosebumps reading it out loud. And now… I find you and find the very same poem here… and that feels Just Right. :)

  2. Mmhmm. This is the reason that I believe it's always alright for a Mama to take time for herself. When we're happy, and shining, the whole world is happy and shining back at us.
    Nothing is disheartening (at least certainly not the little things that affect us so when we're overwhelmed), and life is just sooo much better. Everyone loves everyone and every thing better when they're filled with joy.
    So, so important.

  3. BRILLIANT! The colors here made my heart sing. I am grateful for this post!

  4. beautiful. love the photography. love the sentiment.
    and i love the little writing. it's so cute the way they write in the beginning. ;)

  5. I’m here from Ann’s today.

    That painting – with the rainbow – I’d have that mounted right away – it is a masterpiece.

    And of your list this is my favorite – and could I pick another one? Little girl drawings – it was just beautiful.

    Reading this list of yours today - a blessing. Thank you.

    God Bless and keep you and yours

  6. Such a beautiful list! I love your photos. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  7. you humble me, inspire me, with this post, dear suzy... you always do. xo

  8. Lovely list. Gorgeous photos. It's a pleasure to *meet* you. :)

    Many blessings,


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