Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy Birthday Boo! Seven times around the sun girl....

She been round the sun seven times!
Our Boxing day baby.
We took her to London. It was the first time she's been to the city since she was a tiny babe.
She was so excited to go underground on the tube trains! We found our way to the Natural History museum first where she went ice skating on the open air rink.
She did really well inching along the edges till she picked up a little confidence and speed. Daddy was the one holding onto her hand to keep vertical. Though of course it was for her benefit really ;) Well that's what she believed I think till he fell on his behind and without delay brought her down to join him :)
A quick fish and chip lunch was followed by a couple of carousel rides while I queued for the the dinosaur exhibition at the museum.
Boo has been fascinated by dinosaurs for ages now. She was enthralled by the exhibit, especially the moving dinosaur and the huge Diplodocus at the front of the museum.
At about 4 pm we made it over to Covent Garden and watched some street performers and pottered around the market before having a pizza dinner close to the Royal Opera House.
The big present of the day were some tickets to see the ballet.
Boo was all dressed up in her pink dress, white bolero, silver shoes and tiara like any proper ballerina would :)
Once the ballet begun time went by so fast. It was as if we were transported to another magical world. Boo was enchanted.
We made it home for 1:30 am!
Boo was carried to bed half asleep by Daddy, not to rise again till 10 am the next day!
Unheard of for our early bird Boo.
She has been talking about her special day ever since. It will stay in our memory forever too.

Thankful so thankful for this sparkly eyed dinosaur loving ballerina princess girl.

A perfect end to a beautiful year!


  1. Sounds absolutely magical, thank you for sharing this x.

  2. Happiest of birthdays!!! What a grand time you all had! Cathy

  3. Hi Suzy

    Could you put the record straight about the ice rink incident please?

    People are going to think that's what really happened...and we know different don't we now?

    Cheeky Suzy

  4. Came here from Holy Experience... and loved reading about your beautiful Boo and the great day you had!

  5. Love your blog! Great pictures, I can't wait to read more! :)


  6. What fun! Wish I could have shared the day with you... I have NEVER been to London!

  7. Precious!!! :) Sounds like so much fun! My imagination is having fun visiting with you ;)



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