Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Yarn Along...

Joining Ginny today for "Yarn Along"...

I have finished the second rainbow beret!
Here are my "twins" as they're calling themselves now.

I've just started knitting the back of this cardigan ( the last one on the page) I found over at Ravelry.

It seems to be knitting up pretty quickly and I'm enjoying the simple cable pattern.

For reading... Well we are still happily bounding through the wondrous "Princess and the Goblin".
My two eldest girls are especially enthralled!

I love the way the author George MacDonald, is unafraid to use a challenging vocabulary.

No "twaddle" apparent whatsoever!

My seven year old, particularly, is just soaking it up. She is definitely at the "heroes, myths, morals and fairy tales stage of relating to life so this book is particularly perfect for her.


  1. These are beautiful Suzi....and your daughters are adorable! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! :-)

  2. Those hats look great. I love how little girls love to match...actually, my boys love it too. The cardigan looks great. I love the brown.

  3. I love the oatmeal color of that yarn, so pretty. The berets are darling and the girls look so sweet being 'twins'. I'm just going to have to get that book again, a favorite I'd let slip from my memory until you posted about it, thank you!

  4. Those hats are so cute :) I bet your girls are just loving them! I'm looking forward to seeing your cardigan next week to, the cable pattern is so lovely :)

  5. Those berets are adorable! I'll bet they love them!

  6. Gorgeous cardigan, love the muted color!

  7. Love those berets. Such great models too!

  8. Those hats are precious!!! And your cables are lovely!

  9. Your girls look so cute in their berets!


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