Thursday, 15 July 2010

Woodland girl

This photo was taken by me, of my first born girl Emmy "Emmanuelle"

She is growing up and embarking upon the beginning of a journey untrodden. Gilded moss gold leaf paths leading beyond the places I will be able to follow.

We worked together to make the photo speak of her soul.

She wanted it to seem as if she grew from the woods like a wildflower or the bracken or the lichen on a piece of bark. The woodlands are a part of her, have been always.

As a little girl she would make up magical stories about her woodland girl self.

Her eyes are forest green, her cheeks sprinkled with cinnamon, her hair wild as long grass in the breeze.

She carries the woodland poetry in her, weaves it out of her fingertips. Her smile releases a hundred butterflies.

Her second name is Jade. Green, earthy, translucent, precious Jade.
Emmanuelle, her first, means God with us.

Yes, this girl grown of soft soil and green mossy branches brings a little heaven with her too.
Always has.


  1. oh this is beautiful. thank you so much for linking up with me today!!! love to you.

  2. ps. there is now a funky button you can use if you like, for imperfect thursdays. :) i look forward to learning more from your beautiful mother-ways.

  3. Gorgeous! I love her name...such a beautiful reflection of God's love.

  4. Beautiful, the lighting, the way this photo is magical!

  5. Your woodland girl is so beautiful - and beautiful words to describe her as well

  6. Oh so wonderful. What a tender moment when mother and daughter work together to create art and memories. God bless Emmy on her journey knowing the guidance and wisdom of the Spirit will prevail! Cathy

  7. She is lovely just like her mother. :-)


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