Thursday, 24 December 2009

Saint Therese of the Little Flower's Sacrifice Beads

My daughter made these sacrifice beads over Christmas. She made a few and gave some away as presents. These are the ones she kept for herself though.

They are fun and easy to make.

The idea for them comes from Saint Therese "The little Flower"

In her book, Story of a Soul her mother talks of the decade of beads Therese used to count her little sacrifices on.
It is so sweet to watch the girls making sacrifices for each other and counting them on their colourful beads.
Download Saint Therese's Book "Story of A Soul"

"But it is more amusing still to see Thérèse put her hand in her pocket, time after time, to pull a bead along the string, whenever she makes a little sacrifice."

Click on the link below for instructions and kits.

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  1. Well done!!! You and your daughters are very talented...What blessings!!! Cathy


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