Saturday, 30 October 2010

A girl like me...

My little one.
My soft hearted girl.
The one in who's pools of turquoise I find my child heart surface.
The one who stayed silent in a crowd, the one who found herself in stories...

You bring me pocket fulls of weeds and daisies cupped in sticky hands every time you go in the garden.

My handbag is composting your treasures for I cannot throw them away.

They remind me you see, of what is really precious, valuable, rare.

You tell me you are a mermaid at least 52 times a day.

You lay on your bed like a starfish when you are asleep.

You pick all the green strawberries and complain that they are sour....even though you did the same thing yesterday...and the day before...

You love shoes that go "clippy clop"

And eating a packed lunch in the lounge with your pink lunchbox.

Somehow I know, you'll always get your own way with those big beautiful green eyes of yours :)

And we'll never complain.


  1. Beautiful post. Reminds me that each child is precious in his uniqueness.


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