Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Unschooling Days... Learning how to trust the process


Deep in my heart I know that this is learning of the best kind.

Soul learning...

Learning of the earth and it's wisdom.

From such roots little plants can flourish.

Their is a seed buried deep inside our hearts.

All we need is a little light, a little water and some good earth.

A seed can't grown on a table, or a chair.

It needs open spaces.

Freedom for both root and branch to stretch.

A seed such as an acorn has within it the potential of an Oak Tree.

We are all born with our purpose within us.

Teaching a child to listen to their inner voice, their spirit and their truth helps them to nurture he potential they hold within them.

It also helps them to know what steps to take to unlock the unique gifts that will course their own path through life.

Learning through play the children test their own bodies and stretch their senses to the outer corners of their natural environment.

So far over the last couple of weeks... we have been busy, sewing seeds, weeding and watering...

Rehearsing a play from this site called the Apple Dumpling a traditional English folk tale,

We have made masks, costumes and painted a white sheet as a background for the play.

We have been having fun writing and entering poetry competitions here...

Littles watched horse trials and pretended to be horses for days afterward!

We have rolled down hills, made daisy chains, climbed trees, got lost in the woods, tracked deer and rabbits, sourced wild food, and learned to identify lots of wild plants and trees in the process.

Emmy has taught herself the penny whistle and Boo has started to learn the recorder...

The older girls have had fun sewing gifts for their littlest sister's birthday...

Cakes have been baked and eaten and all in all...

We've not felt stressed or too busy, just full.

Unschooling is  is a leap, or at least it feels a little like a leap into the unknown but I feel this compelling to follow my soul.

I want to lay down all the preconceived notions about what success looks like and what paths we are "meant" to take and instead choose to follow the one that most closely calls my soul and the souls of my children.

The parameters within which we define "success" are too narrow.

So long as my children have the freedom to be true to themselves, have opportunity to develop skills they are interested in, are a part of their community, are healthy and happy, I think they are successful.

As I write this Emmy has come in the house with a dead bee, which she wants to study and analyze different parts of under the microscope!

No you can't stop a child from learning unless you push that learning.

I'm coming to realize that more and more.

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