Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday Sewing

So here's something new to inspire my Saturdays! Saturday Sewing, will hopefully be full of ideas, project sharing, givaways, pictures and maybe even a tutorial or two (if I'm feeling brave :) :)
Anyone who loves crafting please feel free to share a link to your own "Saturday Sewing" (knitting, crocheting, painting.... projects in the comments section.

Today I have been having fun knitting a few rows of Boo's Bolero in this lovely fresh green yarn.!

Boo loves to put holes into the knees of her jeans so as summer is just around the corner I chopped and sewed a pair of her "holy" denim jeans into shorts. Then I made this little flower out of some scraps I had lying around and appliqued it straight onto the shorts.

Here's another little something I've been working on... The FIRST piece of clothing I have EVER made myself!

Well, with all these little girlie's running about makin' holes in their jeans and tights and socks and.... the rest! And making sure they look just too cute in little handmade tops and dresses, I've barely had a chance to think of sewing anything for myself
However, this lovely tutorial over at Made by Rae featured a little while back on Sew Mama Sew was enough to finally inspire me!
I am so thrilled with how it turned out! All the fabric was second hand so what with a gorgeous free pattern to boot it literally cost pennies to make....Always a bonus :)

But what, oh what do the littlest girls do while their Mummy's so busy...
Play with their own little collection of buttons, beads, scraps and sparklies of course:)

So what Sunshine inspired projects have you got on the go?


  1. LOVE the top, Suzy! Similar to how you saved Boo's jeans (so cute!) we're saving some old holey throw pillows, covering holes by sewing random scrap doilies over them. Not done yet, but can probably share them next Saturday.

    Blessings this weekend, friends across the sea!

  2. Gorgeous top Suzy.

    I have just got my sewing area all cleaned up for some sewing this week so hopefully I will have something to put up next week for your Saturday Sewing.

  3. Lisa that should look really cute! I love vintage doilies!

    Oooh I can't wait to see what you've been sewing Therese, I've seen some of your wonderful handiwork on your blog.

    God Bless


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