Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Random, Beautiful...scraps for sharing

Tilly's felt star ornament made with favourite bits and pieces from her very own scrap box has found it's own place amoung our treasure box of very favourtite things. I love the happy colours.

We've had fun reading our very own story in our very own bedtime storybook today!

And enjoying the Happy Ever Afters too...

We've been making happy little sandwich people for lunch!

And in the afternoon Emmy and Bujana worked on the background set for our play.

Then Seraphina "helped" me make dinner.
I really need to hook up a couple of those clotheslines for pasta that the Italians have hanging over their window sills.

Pasta recipe:

2 cups of organic refined wheat flour
2 large whole eggs

Place flour on a worktop, make a "pond" in the middle in which to put the eggs.
Beat the eggs with a fork and gently mix in flour from the side.
Once emulsified start kneading the dough on a floury surface using the palm of your hand.

If the dough becomes crumbly add a little water.

Roll out intot the pasta shape required and dry before cooking.


  1. What a splendid blog! I love your scraps.

    I can see I've missed out having never made pasta!

  2. I do really like the ornament. And I have to tell you, those noodles look delicious!!! Cathy

  3. Yes pasta making is quite the adventure :)

    Thank you Grandma K it was very yummy and quite different from shop bought pasta actually!


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