Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Some snow and some crafting...

snow days

We've been out and about in the snow today. The sunlight sparkled across the snowy whiteness and made everything look like a piece out of the pages of Narnia. After our wandering and card delivering we settled down to some last minute Christmas crafting.

this flower is standing in a cup of blue food colouring mixed with water, slowly but surley the edges of it's petals are beggining to turn a wintery ice blue. Great, fun simple experiment for little ones!

Felt and scrap Christmas tree ornaments. Easy and fun for kids to assemble and make out of left over scraps, buttons, sequins etc lying at the bottom of your sewing box. THe top one is Matilda's creation the bottom one is Bujana's!

handwarmers finished just in time for someone special.