Friday, 4 September 2009

Of swallows and amazons, and kites and bird tables....

Today we went flying kites. There was not a soul on the green field. Everyone is back to school now. The children ran and ran till their legs ached.

Freedom chased at their heels as the wind blew wild. Tugging at the kites, soaring and diving against the billowing clouds in the deep amethyst sky.

Then the swallows came. Like little winged dolphins they seemed to be playing with us. Swooping low, wing tips flitting, scuffing at the flickering grasses.

They came closer and closer to us, almost as if they were playing chase. "You can't catch me, you can't catch me" was the tease of their flight.

Then the girls played hide and seek, and found themselves a swing and seesaw from the anatomy of an old and weather beaten tree. Cheese rolls and sweet tea was our picnic, using the car as a windbreak.

I fell asleep with Fina curled beside me as soon as we got home and Tani started to make a bird table with the older ones outside.

The girls love to study the garden birds.
Incorporating part of their everyday life and interests into their homeschooling is something I will try to find the opportunity to do more and more as the year goes by.

So just a few words here, jotting down a piece of the day for memories sake.
Praying there will be many more, "ink impressions" of memories made by this time next year!